About Us

Montana Council of Cooperatives serves cooperatives across our state.

Cooperatives are about people helping people, and we are here to help expand and advocate for cooperative businesses in Montana. All of us should think of co-ops first when we need something either in our business or personal lives. There are great synergies when co-ops from different sectors work together.

By combining resources, talent, and effort, the council strengthens individual cooperatives and the overall cooperative network in Montana. For example, legislative issues are addressed by the Council on behalf of all cooperatives in Montana. The Council serves as a collective voice during Montana’s Legislative Sessions and proudly hosts the Legislators’ Dinner and Dance. Activities sponsored by the Council engage members and the general public to build awareness and promote Montana Cooperatives year after year.

Representatives from cooperatives around the state voted to choose a logo and slogan all Montana Cooperatives could use to educate consumers and others about the fact that the business is a cooperative.

The cooperative logo tells customers and others that you’re a Montana cooperative working to create a brighter economic future in our state.

The logo and all necessary artwork for putting the logo on your website, newsletters, and other communications is available by contacting the Montana Council of Cooperatives at (406) 727-1517.