By Guy Gregory
MCDC Communications Specialist

The Neihart Store Cooperative Association is now accepting stock subscriptions from prospective co-op members. The steering committee is seeking to operate the existing Neihart Inconvenience Store as a consumer cooperative that would serve both residents and recreational visitors to the former mining town nestled in the Little Belt Mountains.  The store, located off Neihart’s Main Street (U.S. Highway 89) is a popular place to grab essential items and to connect with one’s neighbors.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Neihart Store Cooperative can request a subscription form from any of the six commissioners licensed by Montana’s Secretary of State. The subscription agreement is a legally enforceable pledge to join the cooperative.  Any adult can subscribe to one share of common stock at $150, which makes them a voting member of the co-op.  Subscribers also have the choice of signing up for one or more shares of non-voting preferred stock at $500 per share.

Subscriber forms will be available from commissioners at the next Senior Citizen breakfast set for May 7 at the Monarch-Neihart Community Center.  Those interested may also request a subscriber form by contacting Steering Committee Chair and licensed commissioner Sue Jordan at (406) 788-8388 or email her at  The initial subscription period is scheduled to end on June 15.

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