Council Sets Goals for 2016

For more than five decades the Montana Council of Cooperatives has been promoting cooperative principles and educating policy makers and the public about the benefits of cooperative enterprises.  In planning for 2016, the Council Board engaged those members attending the MCOC 56th Annual Meeting to gain input on the key goals and objectives for organizational success.  Here are the collective results from member input:

GOAL 1: Engage members at the local and state level

Increase communication services to all Council members

  •   Facebook /social media via MCDC; build on social media already  promoted by member co-ops
  • Quarterly newsletter and annual report
  • Regular website updates  

Increase membership participation at future annual meetings

  • Ensure the even-year meetings coincide with the final weekend of Circuit Rodeo
  • Make the program relevant to all co-op sectors and engage co-op employees where feasible
  • Publicize the annual meeting well in advance
  • Reduce registration cost for multiple attendees from one co-op
  • Continue the legislative banquet and dance as critical efforts to communicate co-op perspectives 

Convene follow-up meetings in each district each year following the annual meeting to share information with member co-ops (Director-led if feasible)

GOAL 2: Create and implement a plan to use the new Educational Reserve Fund

Form an ad hoc committee to determine the rules for expending the educational reserve

  • Six-member committee to meet by teleconference in mid-March
  • Design and adopt program no later than July 2016

Explore ideas such as:

  • Matching funds for co-op internships
  • Board and Leadership Training – group multiple co-ops in one area for efficient delivery
  • Staff training opportunities/professional development
  • Youth empowerment program in partnership with MFU; youth development organizations

GOAL 3: Increase awareness and show impact of cooperatives and MCOC in our state and region

Develop the Economic Impact Analysis into an educational document for our members

  • Improve the research methodology and gather data for set period
  • Ensure broad distribution to the public, agencies and legislature

Update the Council website and all Council publications

  • Explain the importance of co-ops – their history and value – and why consumers should choose co-ops